Who created these kits?

Ed Redman creates miniature kits of buildings from around the world, both classic and cult. Laser cut from bamboo they’re small enough to sit comfortably on your desk and simple enough to require no tools. Flat-packed distractions in a batshit world.

Hailing from the UK but now based in Melbourne, Australia, Ed developed products at Redbubble from inception to IPO and then co-founded custom t-shirt printing company Das T-Shirt Automat. Gin & Apathy was born out of a long-standing love of model making, a deep respect for architecture and unexpected access to a large and terrifying laser cutter.

Where are these kits made?

All of our kits are designed and manufactured in Australia. 

Do I have to buy from Amazon?

Yes.  We use Amazon to inventory, sell, and ship our kits.

What about returns?

Returns are covered by Amazon policies.

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I have a different question?

Yes, real people will respond to your questions!

Email: CustomerService@ModelLandmarks.com